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Modern Home Plans And Design Tips

Whether you’re constructing, renovating, or just wanting an interior refresh, it can be challenging to find inspiration for your modern home design. It can be easy to feel frustrated with many available options — from room dimension and functionality to wall colour, furniture range, and decorative embellishments – and challenging to know where to start.

To narrow down your choices, we have shared few tips to start to figure out what’s relevant to you and what ambience you want to create in your home. Allocating a design brief can help you prioritize what you want and how to express it.

Implement earthy and neutral tones to your colour palette to produce a peaceful home atmosphere

From a design viewpoint, people are looking for their homes to feel honest and authentic. Hence, they surround themselves with textural surfaces and earthy tones. Signified by a complex and refined palette of concrete and natural materials such as timber, earthy and neutral tones help create a balanced, simple, and homely look.

The appeal of neutral tones is recommended because it makes the interior of the home appear more conspicuous. Instead of intricately carved antique-style cornices or pillars, these days modern homes are also using cleaner lines that make the house look more elegant and composed.

Some cool tones that you can use: Crisp whites, greys, black, white, browns, tan, umber, ochre, and sienna and darker colours.

Study past architectural styles for design inspiration.

Best described as minimalist, these homes are marked by clean lines, flat or gables roofs, and dramatic edges with huge eaves and large picture windows.

Modern Home Plans And Design Tips - minimalistic modern home

When it comes to space, large floor to ceiling windows or curtains can be enough to make a room look more spacious. High ceilings also make it seem roomier – it’s crazy how a couple of hundred millimetres above your head can make such a contrast to space’s atmosphere.

Look past the labels

The rooms in your house don’t have to be too specific and definite. Your kitchen can include a dining area, and your study can have an entertainment area or be tucked into the living room. Most of the rooms in your house can be fused, saving space and creating convenience.

Modern Home Plans And Design Tips - kitchen and dining room minimalistic
West Chin, Rubenstein 32 W 18 NYC

Many modern contemporary homes have their kitchen as a social hub of the house. This allows owners to entertain their guests or to gather around. Beyond providing extra cook space and storage, kitchen islands can serve as an essential design feature of your modern home design while adding a pleasant aspect. Most islands reserve one side for cooking and the other for dining, but you can elect to include seating on several sides of your island to build a more friendly and flexible setting.

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Combine convenient elements

There are several innovative tools available that make every movement and activity in your modern home more convenient. People nowadays have fancy built-in gadgets like wireless chargers on tables or retractable chopping boards built into the counter.

Shelves, closets and appliances built into the walls are also becoming more common in contemporary homes as they provide more space to move around freely. Clutter chaos causes frustration; an organized area keeps you feeling calm. Keep the aesthetic of the room clean and prominent appliances camouflaged as (much as possible), help to create a refined, polished look.

Bold and experimental pieces

Even though the current trend is to use a neutral palette with finite designs in your modern home, certain areas can get away with a tasteful pop of colour or a statement piece. For instance, you can go wild with an intricate yet modern decoration in the dining room or a strikingly patterned tile in the bathroom. These little characteristics keep your contemporary house design from seeming like a basic model home to an ultra-modern house with some of your personality infused into the system.

Modern Home Plans And Design Tips - Bold and experimental pieces


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Think about longevity

Pieces that have sturdiness, sustainability and low maintenance continue to be a significant factor and aim in material selection for modern homes.

If you’ve ever had mould and hard to reach places that gather dust or moisture, you will appreciate how good design and planning can save you endless hours of scrubbing and cleaning, not to mention long-term good health. And if you’ve ever had to frequently sand//paint?stain/replace components in your home, you’ll consider low maintenance, durable materials and fixtures.

Include Eco-Friendly features

Introducing more and more environmentally friendly options like recycled materials and solar energy are a big hit these days. An eco-friendly household that functions (or at least often runs) on clean energy is a welcome addition to the battle against climate change, and it’s a choice. It may seem a little pricey to begin with, but it’ll save you money in the long run.

Modern Home Plans And Design Tips - Include Eco-Friendly features

Elements such as bamboo, rattan and wood charm because they have a simple tactility to them – you can’t help but run your hands over their surface. They convey a sense of warmth and have contrast and nuance in their texture (the grains, knots and organic lines are all part of their charm).

You can also use soft accessories in linen, organic cotton and wool to bring a sense of cosiness to your new contemporary house. You can also explore along with options like low-flow toilets, LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances and tankless water heaters.

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Find more ways to bring in the natural light. 

Never undervalue the influence of natural light. Bright, airy spaces flooded with natural light can bring in happy notes and lift our mood. The overall layout and orientation of your home is the first thing you should contemplate when it comes to energy efficiency and all-round comfort. 

Orientating your house to take the best advantage of your climate zone, mapping the course of the sun and wind to plan the position and size of windows, proper shading and thermal capture, all contribute to how satisfied you will feel and how much money you could save in heating and cooling bills. 

Also, here’s another tip: consider carefully regarding window treatments, so they don’t hinder out too much light.

Modern Home Plans And Design Tips

Consider every nook 

Examine every nook, alcove, cranny, high shelf and mindfully design these areas (rather than regretting it later), so each inch of space is used and counted. Be it under-the-stairs or underneath windows, functional joinery built into narrow spaces mould these neglected spaces into functional storage solutions.

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