Kitchen Colors with Dark Cabinets

Kitchen with Dark Cabinets – Know what colors go with it

A kitchen is one of the spaces in your home where you spend a lot of time cooking your food. For people who love to cook and bake, making sure that their kitchen is at its ultimate best and looks the part and being functional is one of their top priorities in decorating or renovating.  Although white kitchens are usually the go-to in a traditional home design, we advise you to consider going dark. The charm of  dark cabinets is unmistakable—they’re climactic, fascinating, and demand your attention immediately upon entering the space. What’s not to love? With hundreds of stains and colors to choose from, dark cabinets accommodate any kitchen style, from rustic to modern.


Besides choosing the perfect shade of dark kitchen cabinets, you must also contemplate how to tie your other kitchen knicks and knacks into the design. From finding the ideal paint color to the best lighting, there are many decisions you must undertake to ensure your dark cabinets are the star of the show. If you want your dark cabinets to shine, the rest of the finishes in the kitchen must be complementary to their color and depth.


So how does one achieve the perfect dark kitchen?  What are the best color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets? 


We have created a list of cabinets that will undoubtedly be your first choice if you love to cook or are just looking for a kitchen update! Below are kitchen colors that go with dark cabinets that might interest you. 

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Dark Cabinets with Shiny White 

For really dark brown or black cabinets, accentuating with white devises a modern vibe. It’s a cool look that is great for contemporary spaces; if you go with all white walls or a white backsplash, lighten things up with little pops of color with accessories and appliances. If you require to keep the backsplash and walls on the darker side, you can always opt for white as your accent color. For example, if you have dark cabinets, a darkish backsplash, and gray walls, you can install white accents through stools, a white kitchen table and chairs, white dishes, and bright white decorative accessories. It’s a simple color palette that stands out and makes a significant visual impact.

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Dark Cabinets with Tender Neutrals

If you have dark cabinets, try a color palette that draws out the warmth in the place. We advise that you pick lighter neutrals with warm undertones, like beige, creamy white, taupe, warm-toned grays, linen, or blush pink. To take this a step further, you can highlight the warm undertones in your paint color by adding more accents from the same color family. For example, if you have creamy white paint on your walls, you can incorporate some yellow accents or amplify a paint color with pinkish undertones with darker pink accents.

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Dark Cabinets with Cool Neutrals

For darker cabinets with cool undertones (like espresso or almost-black shade of brown), you’ll want to adhere to cooler toned neutrals. This color family incorporates shades of blue or gray, greige, dark blue-gray, or even sage green. When you pick a lighter shade that matches the undertones , it will free the space up and make it seem fresher. When it comes to accent colors, look for lighter versions of the base color you’re visualizing. For example, gray with blue undertones would do well with a range of blue accents to make things pop.


These colors along with dark-colored cabinets is just as good as other designs of cabinets for the kitchen. There are many wonderful modular designs of the cabinets that may complement well with the entire kitchens they were attached to. 

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