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Breathtaking Walk-In Shower Designs

Walk-in showers designs can be luxurious and functional for any bathroom be it a big one or small. Whether you also own a bathtub or just a shower area, your décor fully shows whether your bathroom will be practical or chic. It will also give your bathroom a contemporary appeal, and it will help you efficiently use the space available. Get creative and find inspiration for your own awesome Walk-in shower. Area may not be on your side when it comes to designing your dream bathroom, but don’t give up just yet. 

From layout to design, we’ve got plenty of Walk-In Shower Designs ideas for bathrooms ready and raring to go.


Glass-enclosed Walk-In Shower Designs.

The simple corner shower is one of the most well-liked choices for saving space in a small bathroom. Achieve that spa look by installing transparent glass to create a seamless passage between the shower area and the rest of your bathroom. You can combine the glass with light colors to create a more open and bright design to create an airy look. A glass enclosed en-suite bath eliminates the barriers between the spaces. If you’re concerned about having a small shower, try opting for a neo-angled walk in shower design which will give you added width when showering and relieve any protruding intersections elsewhere in the room.



No Tub Walk-In Shower Designs and a Bigger Bathroom

If you need a little more convincing for ditching the tub? Read this. Removing the bath completely will, not only save you valuable space, but also give you more room to play with when it comes to designing the ultimate walk in bathroom shower. Extending the shower area will result in a bigger than average (and more luxurious) shower experience without using lots of space and overwhelming the room.

Work with Corners and eaves.

Small bathrooms usually have awkward layouts and dimensions, but try not to see unwanted alcoves and eaves as a problem. Utilize them to your advantage with a quick walk-in shower design.

Build your walk-in bathroom shower into the nook or tuck it into an eave to make the most use of the wall as a natural partition in the room. Roof windows above the shower will give you extra light too and open up space. A window in the bathroom, regardless of its dimensions, makes a huge contrast. It’s a stunning addition to the shower. The accessories you choose for this area also makes a big difference.

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Shower and steam room in one space.

You can combine a designer shower enclosure with a steam generator to create your very own steam room, making it your very own personal spa. Make sure you include a bench or two for maximum comfort. You’ll be able to utilize this space both as a walk in shower and a steam room where you can enjoy many relaxing moments. It would be smart to include a tiny window that can be opened when you use the shower alone to let the air travel.

Use contrasting Colors to brighten up the Bathroom.

Plain and straightforward interiors help small bathrooms appear more visually spacious. White keeps the room light and airy with plenty of scope for accessorising with different textures and colours. There are so many choices to choose from, and there’s no reason why you can’t use bold colours. Just keep in mind that when designing small spaces, less is usually more.

Make a statement with your bathroom tiles. 

Believe it or not, statement tiles do work in small bathrooms. Getting crafty with your tile designs in a walk-in shower is a great way to trick the eye and create more visual space. It is not always essential to opt for small tiles either.
Laying a metro tile in a vertical brick or block pattern along the shower wall will elongate the room and make everything feel more prominent.
Large-format tiles are perfect for minimalist interiors with less grouting for a fuss-free finish. When used cleverly, bold patterns and colours can work wonders by drawing the eye to critical areas of the room.

Clever Built-in Storage in Walk-In Shower Designs

Furniture and vanity units can sometimes clutter a room involuntarily, so always choose a look having storage alternatives for small areas with walk-in showers. Built-in shelves or even a tiled bench is an excellent option for storage that doesn’t take up too much space and helps you keep the floor clear.

Why not Opt for a round Walk-In Shower Designs.

Perhaps one of the essential elements to take into consideration while designing small areas is the shape of the walk-in shower. The shape can be the detail that defines your entire design. Round showers tend to look fascinating, especially if they’re encased with a glass wall. However, a round shower might not be ideal for small bathrooms.

How about a Nature-inspired Walk-In Shower Designs.

For all those nature lovers who prefer to feel closer to nature while taking a shower, you can opt for materials like stone and wood while designing your bathroom. Try a combination of different materials to create contrasts and a unique design. You could lay stone or river stones on the bathroom floor and use wood as a decorative feature.

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Open Shower 

Maybe you’re used og having showers that are encased in glass or have curtains and walls separating them from the rest of the bathroom. But, you can choose to have an open shower, making the room feel more spacious.

Create an Indoor-outdoor shower combo.

Have you considered placing indoor and outdoor showers together. Combine them with glass walls and create a connection between them. This way, the light gets in and illuminates the shower area and the outdoor one feels less out of place and more comfortable.


Pros of a Walk-in shower Designs

  • More Space
  • Easy To Clean
  • Durability
  • Fewer Clogs



When you have a traditional bathtub in your Bathroom, making the area look clunky and small. With a walk-in shower, you can create more open space and a design element to your Bathroom.



Whether you have a bathtub shower or a stand-alone shower, both have many corners and crevices that you need to get to to clean it thoroughly. With a walk-in shower, there are less areas like this, making it extremely easy to clean.



Walk-in showers withstand wear and tear for a long time. They use fewer parts than a regular bathtub or shower, which means there aren’t as many parts that can break. And, if appropriately maintained, their materials will last for a very long time, which makes them more durable than your current bathroom solution.



You know that with a bathtub, the water you use to fill it can take a long time to go down the drain. With a walk-in shower, water won’t get trapped anywhere (where it can stand and collect bacteria).

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