Harry Potter Themed Room

Harry Potter Themed Bedroom – Tips and Tricks

Pottermania has swept the entire world from the day the first book released in the year 1997. But, with the Broadway adaptation of Harry Potter and the cursed child hitting the stage, there is a new wave of potter fans across the globe, and it does not look like it is going to go away any time soon. Hence, if your child is begging for a Harry Potter Themed Bedroom with a Hogwarts theme, it might be a good idea to bring a little bit of Hogwarts magic to decorate. The books aren’t in a passing phase anytime soon, so you won’t have to take everything back down again in a week, and a Harry Potter Themed Bedroom is much more visually pleasing than anything super bright.

Thankfully, all of these ideas are relatively easy and don’t require that much effort.

If your kid dreams of receiving an acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on his or her 11th birthday, why not bring some of the magical fun and wonder of Harry Potter world to their bedroom? 

Minimalist Bedroom Tips That Will Inspire You to Declutter

For anyone who has devoured all seven of the Harry Potter books or waited eagerly for the opening day for all eight movies, a Harry Potter Themed Bedroom—is the next best thing. Also, It’s a great theme for children of any age and gender.

Here are some tips for converting to a Harry Potter Themed Bedroom

Hang Winged Keys from the ceiling

Here is a Harry Potter reference that doesn’t take up any floor space. 

Sketch wings on a white paper, then glue or tape onto old keys (many antique shops will have tubs of old keys you can dig through, or you can order cheap fake keys through Etsy or Amazon). Attach a thread or wire and then hang the keys from the ceiling. Make sure to make one key with a broken wing for exact reference.

Declaring your child’s chosen Hogwarts house

Decorate the bedroom walls with a wall hangings celebrating whichever Hogwarts house you prefer. Most kids choose Gryffindor, which is Harry’s House, but others might prefer Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin.

Make a Dobby inspired spare sock holder

This tip doubles up as a handy way to finally find the missing socks. You see a lonely sock; you peg it up on the sock holder. Eventually, when you find the other you will know exactly where the sock is. Or you’ll fill out your decoration. Either way, it’s a win.

Frame their favourite Harry Potter quote

This can be quickly DIY’d, you can start by writing out the quote yourself (if you’re proud of your handwriting) or printing it out.

Throw a few Harry Potter inspired cushions on to the bed. Instant magic with minimal effort.

Bedroom Ideas for Twins

Create a fake potion shelf

All you’ll need is few empty bottles and jars, rinsed out and covered with magical-looking labels. You can refer to the books for some inspiration.

Paint their cupboard with the Marauders’ Map

Okay, so you might need some serious art skills for this one. But if you’re feeling artistic and have time to dedicate to a project, this one’s a showstopper. Dont forget to mention that you are up to no good.

Cover the bed with a blanket knitted in Gryffindor’s(or house of their preference) house colours

A shortcut to feeling like they’re in a real-life Hogwarts dorm room.

Jazz up a light switch

 If you are a true fan, you know the spell for turning the light on and off. Jazz up your light switch with Lumos and Nox and add a cute little detail to your room.

Add a crocheted Dobby

Everyone needs a house-elf in their life. You can easily find a crocheted Dobby online.

Create a bulletin board and add their letter of acceptance to Hogwarts

It’s the letter they’ve always been waiting for. Display it proudly.

Transform old books into Hogwarts textbooks

Take old cookbooks, manuals or any other big, chunky books you’ll probably never re-read and make them magical.

VSCO Bedroom Ideas – Tips and Tricks

Harry Potter Erised Mirror Gold

Every room needs a mirror, so why not install a mirror of erise in the bedroom and if that mirror reflects the looker’s deepest longing (as does the Mirror of Erised in the first book, so much the better. Hang a full-length mirror from the back of your child’s bedroom door, then use gold or bronze metallic paint to create an elegant frame around the mirror’s edges. You can also use metallic decorative duct tape to cover the mirror’s structure instead. This mirror won’t show you your heart’s desire, but it’s excellent for mirror selfies.

Quidditch Hoops Jewelry Holder

Organize your most *magical* bling on these pronged Quidditch hoops.

Hogwarts Crest Pinboard

Hang your class schedule, pics, and shopping list on this gilded corkboard – make sure to leave room for your Hogwarts letter (it’s coming, have faith).

Don’t forget Hedwig

The wizarding world has owls to deliver mail, and Hedwig, plays a vital role throughout the wizarding story.Decorate a corner of the room with a giant stuffed owl or set a birdcage on the dresser to serve as the owl’s nest.

Other Harry Potter Themed Bedroom Accessories

Wherever possible, choose bedroom accessories that look old, antique and well worn. A brass lamp, old-fashioned alarm clock, dark, distressed bookcase, and electric candles are all excellent choices.

If you can’t find old trunks at a local store or garage sale, use a new one that only pretends to be old. Decorate the chest with stickers and decals to personalise it. Trunks also make perfect footboards for the bed or are a great storage for extra linens, out-of-season clothing, sports equipment, or board games etc.

And of course, create a cozy corner for reading anything and everything written by JK Rowling.


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