Bedroom Ideas for Twins

Bedroom Ideas for Twins

Twins always bring twice the joy for new parents. It is still wonderful to see two identical human beings around us, and it is fun for parents to come up with new creative bedroom decorative ideas for their twins. And it would especially rack their creative brains if they have twin girls. Decorating a bedroom for twins can be that much fun as much as it can be tiring and exhausting. Here are some tips for designing beautiful bedrooms and inspiring parents to push the decorative edge for them just that much further.

Although when you’re dealing with little humans who have apparent (and differing) opinions on what they want, it makes life a bit tricky. Especially for a grown-up who also has definite ideas of how something should look!!

Lego, Star Wars, under-the-sea, superheroes and outer-space were themes that can come up. Here are some styles you can opt for before designing a space for your twins

Make the World Pink

It is a common belief that most girls are quite attracted to the colour pink. So if you are thinking of decorating the room for your twin girls, you may want to include the colour pink wherever possible. The floor carpet and the bed covers can be matched. You could also use a different, probably a lighter shade of pink for the walls and furniture. To add a bit of colour, you may add white or something contrasting such as green. Adding polka dots in design on pillow covers or the rug may add an elegant edge to your twin teenage girls bedroom.

Bedroom ideas for Girls

Vintage bedroom decor

Vintage themed décor is one of the best teenage bedroom ideas for twins

that you can use for your girls. A typical pastel pallet along with the vintage floral design on the upholsteries and curtains can add a subtle feminine and elegant object to the entire room décor. To enhance the theme of the room, you can add ottomans and other furniture upholstered in fabrics that give off a vintage hue.

Bedroom with Royal theme

A teenage girl bedroom would mostly look beautiful and a place to take refuge in when it is given a royal touch. A daughter or in our case here, twin daughters, are princess for their parents. Giving them a room with a royal theme only enhances that bond. Beautifully draped beds and footstools make up a great sleeping area. You can add vintage mirrors along with royal upholstery in the room.

DIY Bedroom for those creative heads

Hanging beds or wall beds are the trends of the day. These beds make up an excellent idea for your teenage girls’ bedroom. You could add up hanging beds with either a simple theme or an elegant and luxurious themed room décor for your girls. You can also add a separate or joint work table for the girls along with beautiful and hefty storage cabinets. The hanging beds bring enough space for fitting in extra, classy storage baskets.

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See. Spot. Fun!

Tackling tweenager decor can be tricky, but not if you remember four tricks of the trade: Add bold colours; do away with a particular theme; give your child a say, and create a private hangout space. A framed piece of original art on the wall, fun tufted headboards, and a parallel colour scheme give the room a cohesive look without a traditional theme. For more shared bedroom ideas for twins, you can add neutral walls here and there with many different styles, allowing kids to express their personality through accessories of their choice.

Sophisticated Tastes

Cater to the changing tastes of your kids by toning things down with a colour scheme. An area rug and mix-and-match patterned bedding can lend a traditional touch to bedroom space. If your kids are sharing a room, they do need space to learn as they grow up. You can place a large desk in the middle of the room with chairs on either side. Floor-to-ceiling bookcases provide plenty of storage space for house books, school supplies, and prized sports trophies.

Pirate Room for Two

Nautical details can be both a boy or a girl room. Instead of choosing traditional twin beds, you can let these kids get to set sail every night in a pair of a boat-shaped twin bed. Handmade sails are perfect for young pirates, as they can easily be removed when kids grow out of their sea-loving phase. Also, for a shared bedroom, you can add a large dresser with a wardrobe chest, painted with the same green hue and providing plenty of space for clothes, toys, and games.

Social Zone

Not one but two bunk beds in a shared kids’ room makes it a social zone, giving ample use of the open floor for building, games, colouring, and more. The extra sleeping space makes it accessible for sleepovers on the weekends. Toys can be carefully corralled in baskets that slide under the beds, and the small desk can be used as a homework hub.

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A Nook for All

Let your children’s imagination prosper with this bedroom design fit for little bookworms. In each corner of the room, you can place a colourful area rug with a bookshelf acting as a miniature library holding favourite stories, board games, colouring books, movies, and more. A window seat in the room adds to the shared bedroom’s functionality with valuable storage space underneath and a cosy collection of pillows on top.

Twins in Tow

A duo of cosy beds side by side in a colourful kids’ room can be the answer. Matching iron frames holding the beds high off the ground for extra storage space below can add to the minimalistic look. To keep anyone from seeing toys, school supplies, and seasonal clothes hidden under beds, you can always use oversized bedding, or a bed skirt draped over the mattresses. 

Great Divide

In shared rooms, bunk beds aren’t always what people prefer. Separating beds allow each child to have their storage unit. Whereas, adding an area rug serves as a natural dividing line along with adding colour palette to the room. Each bed with features linens and accent pillows in colours inspired by the carpet can add a zing factor to the decor. Vintage accents, like painted picture frames and scroll wall art, can also give the room cottage charm.

Bunk Beds for Fun Times 

 Rather than having two beds, you can have bunk beds but place them perpendicular to one another. Covering them with coordinating bedding, ties the two beds together bringing a little bit of personality for each kid. A black modular unit, dressing table and cubbies above each bed, provide an ample amount of storage space for your kids. Bedding, furniture, and toys in a bold colour palette create a fun atmosphere as well as a nice contrast.

These are few of the many bedroom décor design ideas available for your twins. Remember, twins are just as easy to impress as they are hard to make happy. To make it easier, here are some stunning and most beautiful twin bedroom ideas for twins to choose from.

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